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12 grams of quality milk kefir starter grains.   

50 grams ofquality  water kefir starter grains.


Kefir Ireland supplies 'live' Milk and Water Kefir grains throughout the island of Ireland.

About Kefir

Kefir is a nutritious, delicious, healthyand fresh probiotic drink.

Kefir is a cultured, fermented milk  or water based drink which is an enzyme-rich food filled with friendly yeasts & micro-organisms.

  • Kefir is simple and inexpensive to make at home and can be made into a delicious smoothie that kids love.

Kefir grains unlock the benefits of other foods and is a great source of vitamins, minerals and probiotics.

Why do I need to drink Kefir

Keifr gives you more energy and fills you up for longer and helps eliminate unhealthy food cravings by making the body more nourished and balanced.

Kefir is used to restore the digestive system balance, to help recovery from theveryday life stress, poor diet (too much sugar, processed foods) after taking a course of antibiotics

If you drink water with chlorine in it, this disinfectant  will kill gut flora just like antibiotics.

Kefir will restore/maintain your beneficial digestive system bacteria and a healthy immune system. 

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We are the number 1 supplier of 'real, live' Kefir grains in Ireland. Our Kefir is all made with pasteurised Irish milk. The Kefir we supply will grow indefinitely (as long as you take care of it), so it is effectively a lifetime supply of probiotics for your whole family

We guarantee our grains will arrive safely to you

We will support you in taking care of them while you are getting up to speed .

We do not freeze dry the grains, it takes the grains too long to recover.

What is included in the Kefir starter pack:


Your package will include starter kefir grains in double sealed package.

Detailed instructions on how to take care of your kefir.

A manual on kefir including links to online resources and recipes .

Ongoing support if you have any queries.


Packages are posted on Mondays/Tuesdays as we do not want the grains to be in the post over the weekend.

You should receive your pack on Wednesday/Thursday depending which part of the county you are in.

Milk Kefir

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Milk Kefir

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Water Kefir

€ 20 

Water Kefir

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